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Monday, September 23, 2019
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  2007 Spec7 Rules (Lance will catch you if you are cheating)  
2008 Spec7 Rules Download

2008 Southwest Division-SCCA Spec RX7 Rules

(Changes for 2008 are underlined)

(SCCA approved 7-07)

1. General

Spec RX-7 (SRX7) is intended to be an affordable regional class that emphasizes driver skill rather than the ability to outspend the competition or to find that secret, magic setup.  To this end, these rules will be vigorously enforced at all sanctioned events.  These rules are absolute — they are not intended to be a guide to car preparation.  Unless specifically mentioned or approved in these rules, no additional vehicle modifications may be made.  Any sections referring to the GCR, the SSS/Touring, or the IT/CS rules that has been affected by an updating of those books, the most current versions of the GCR, SSS/Touring & IT/CS rule books apply.

2. Make of Car

Mazda Rx-7, 1981-1985, equipped with 12A rotary engine.  S, GS, or GSL trim-level models are eligible.  Updating and backdating parts within 1981-1985 models permitted except as otherwise noted within these rules. 

3. Preparation Rules

All vehicles will remain Showroom Stock, as defined by SCCA GCR except for the following specifically required and/or allowed modifications.  Minimum weight is 2,330 lbs. with driver.


A.     ALLOWED REPLACEMENT PARTS ¾ Many of these items are available from Mazda Competition Parts.  All drivers should register with them in order to purchase Mazda original parts at a discount.  If the specified replacement part is not used, then stock parts must be used.

1.       Shock Absorbers:

Brand Tokico High Performance Gas

Model: Front #HZ-1069, Rear # HE-2317

Notes: Non adjustable, blue body

2.       Sway Bars:

Front: TMC part # CSM-4018 with TMC end-link kit and bushings

Rear: Stock rear sway bar, end-links and brackets may be removed

3.       Springs:

Brand: TMC

Model: TMC spring kit part # CSM-400

4.       Air Filter:

Brand: K&N

Model: E-2700

5.       Clutch: see Section I for allowed substitutions

6.       Brake pads: see Section J for allowed substitutions

7.       The use of nonstandard fasteners (nuts, bolts, screws, washers and studs) which are not connected with or which do not support any moving parts of the engine is permitted.  Fasteners can be tightened to any torque.

8.       Front suspension bushings:

a.      Brand:  Mazda Comp

b.      Control Arm - part # 0000-04-7411

c.      Tension Rod - part # 0000-04-7412

d.      Idler Arm - part # 0000-04-7417


B.     TIRES - Tires may be shaved, trued or heat cycled.

1.       Brand: Toyo
Model: Toyo Proxes RA1
Size: 205/60R13



1.       Safety rules (seatbelts, window net, fire extinguisher) as per SCCA GCR, Showroom Stock.

2.       Roll cage:

Brand: Autopower

Model: 83591 RX (1 ½” DOM material or 1 ¾” ERW).  Notes; Material and construction defined by the SCCA GCR,  ERW cages are not permitted in any car
registered after 1/1/03.

3.       All cars must use specified roll cage which shall not be modified except for mounting window net and seat belt mounting brackets, and will only be bolted (not welded) in place.  Metal plates may be used to reinforce the floor pan of the car at the roll cage mounting points.  These plates may be welded in place.  Plates must follow the specification in GCR 18.2.8.B, and may not be more than ¼” thick.

a.      Early model roll cages must be modified to adhere to current GCR, with full horizontal bracing.

b.      Outer dash vent louvers may be removed for roll cage clearance where needed.



1.       The following interior components may be removed:

a.      A/C system (but not heater core, blower or heating controls)

b.      Carpeting, carpet padding, and sound deadening tar/mastic may be removed from the floorboard, cargo area (including storage bins) and spare tire well. 

c.      Center consoles/armrest may be removed.  Cars must retain factory console around gearshift.

d.      Cargo bins.

e.      Drivers seat belt

f.       Passenger seat belt may be removed or replaced with racing belts that meet requirements for driver's seat belts in Section 20 of the SCCA GCR.

g.      Floor mats

h.      Radio system, including antenna, speakers, amplifiers and wiring

i.        Headliner

j.        Dome lights

k.      Grab handles

l.        The ashtray and cigarette lighter

m.      Sun visors luggage straps.

n.      Spare tire, jack and tools

o.      Emissions control unit and mounting/covering plate from passenger footwell.

p.      the remaining plastic or vinyl interior pieces may be removed, with no alteration to the structure or mounting fixtures.

2.       The driver’s seat must be replaced with a seat suitable for competition per Showroom Stock rules.  The passenger's seat may be replaced with any seat suitable for competition, including a racing type bucket seats.  If not replaced, the passenger's seat may be removed.  If either seat is replaced, associated factory seat tracks/brackets may be modified, reinforced, and/or removed to facilitate replacement mountings provided they perform no other function. 

3.       Inside door handles and armrest assembly/door pocket box may be modified/removed for roll bar clearance.  The remaining stock door trim panel must be retained and may be recovered to hide holes or account for wear.  Trimming the height or replacement of the door panel sub structure with alternate materials is not allowed.

4.       The heater control panel must remain intact and unmodified.  Heater and blower need not be functional.

5.       The stock interior mirror may be replaced with any aftermarket unit suitable for competition.  Additional mirrors may be added provided they are fully contained within the passenger compartment.

6.       Gauges and instruments may be added or replaced. They may be installed in the original instrument(s) location using a mounting plate(s), or any other location using a secure method of attachment. Other than modifications made to mount instruments and provide for roll cage installation, the remainder of the dash “board” or panel shall remain intact.

7.       Steering wheel, locks must be disabled, after market steering wheels and quick release kits may be used.

8.       Ducting may be added to provide fresh air to the driver and passenger compartment.  This ducting shall be located in the driver and/or passenger window area with no modifications to the bodywork.

9.       Video cameras are permitted provided they are mounted in accordance with the GCR.

10.   If ballast must be added to bring the car up to minimum weight, it must be securely fastened to the floor directly behind or beneath the driver’s seat.

11.   The interior trim panels located directly behind the drivers and passenger doors may be removed for roll bar clearance.  

12.   Aftermarket pedals (clutch, brake, gas) may be mounted on the existing pedal assemblies. 

13.   Aftermarket shifter knobs are permitted.           




1.       Cars may be repainted in non-factory colors.

2.       Any exterior mirrors may be used, provided they are fitted in the stock location.  Exterior mirrors may also be removed.

3.       Fender openings may be modified for tire clearance per ITCS

4.       Emblems and side moldings may be removed.

5.       Hood pins and windshield clips may be added per ITCS

6.       Radio antenna may be removed.  The remaining hole must be covered.

7.       Light bulbs (including headlights) that are not required elsewhere in these rules (e.g. brake lights) may be removed. Light sockets, mounting points and other parts peripheral to the light bulb may not be removed unless specifically noted elsewhere in these rules.

8.       Removal of the side turn signal assembles is permitted with the provision that any ensuing holes be covered.

9.       Removal of inner fender liners is permitted.


F.      ENGINE

1.       Carbon apex seals may be used.

2.       Balancing of engine is permitted provided there is no lightening of parts.

3.       Rotors, housings, eccentric shaft, intake manifold, water pump, distributor must be stock and unmodified.  These components may be updated or backdated from any eligible model and year in arbitrary combination.  Lapping of housings is permitted to bring part within factory specifications.  Exhaust and intake ports may not be modified in any way.

4.       Exhaust emission control air pumps, associated lines, catalytic converter, nozzles, and electrical/mechanical EGR devices may be removed. If such items are not removed, they shall not be modified in any way.

5.       Steel braided oil cooler lines may be used.

6.       Any Mazda oil pressure regulator may be used.

7.       Oil baffle plate may be used in the oil pan.

8.       All parts of A/C system may be removed (but not heater core or blower).

9.       Cruise control, cold-start assist system, and auxiliary choke actuator may be removed

10.   Engine and drive train lubricants are open.

11.   Cooling system must remain operable and unmodified, with the exception of the following specifically allowed modifications:

a.      radiators may be recored provided they retain the factory tanks and mounts

b.      1983 and later cars may use the earlier oil cooler system, providing the early radiator is used.

c.      1981 and 1982 cars may use the later oil cooling system, providing the later radiator is used.

d.      Aftermarket cooling fans (electric) are permitted.

12.   A screen may be installed in front of the radiator and oil cooler to help prevent stone damage.

13.   The charcoal canister (emissions) may be removed.

14.   Fuel system including tank and filler must remain unmodified, with the exception of the following specifically allowed modifications:

a.      Fuel pumps and fuel pressure regulators are open.  Replacement fuel pumps must be mounted within 12” of the original location

b.      The fuel tank return line shall remain as stock and shall not be used for fuel delivery to the carburetor.

c.      Fuel filters are open

d.       Factory fuel tank may be replaced with a fuel cell provided the cell is no more than 16 gallon and no less than 15 gallon capacity.  The fuel cell must meet and be installed in accordance with the GCR and shall be located within twelve (12) inches of the original fuel tank location. One fuel pickup only must be used in stock location. Additional reinforcement may be added to support the fuel cell, but such reinforcement shall not attach to the roll cage. Floor pan may be modified for installation. See GCR Sections 17.12 and 19 for requirements.

e.      The unleaded-fuel filler-neck restrictor may be removed.

15.   Ignition timing (both primary and secondary) is unrestricted.

16.   Removal of the thermostat is permitted. The water bypass in the thermostat housing can be plugged.

17.  Replacement of stock engine pulleys is permitted; substitutions must come from one of the following single or double sheave alternatives. Mixing of alternatives other than with stock parts is not permitted.
Drive Pulley and Water Pump Pulley:

a.      Racing Beat Double Sheave part #11469

b.      Racing Beat Single Sheave part #11473

c.      Mazda Competition Single Sheave part #000-01-7201 when used in combination with Water Pump pulley #000-01-7211

Alternator Pulley:

a.      Racing Beat Double Sheave part #11479, or

b.      Racing Beat Single Sheave part #11492, or

c.      Mazda Competition Single Sheave part #0833-78-153A.


G.     EXHAUST — Exhaust system is open provided the following requirements are met.

1.       Heat shielding may be removed.

2.       Racing Beat two-into-one header part #16010 or #16012 only is allowed.  If one of these headers is not used, then the stock exhaust manifold must be used and remain unmodified.

3.       Single pipe exhaust system after the header must have muffler after the rear axle and exit at the rear bumper.

4.       Maximum 3” diameter.


H.     INTAKE —

1.    Air Cleaner Box may be replaced with Racing Beat air filter kit 16531. If the stock air cleaner is used, it may be modified by removing material from the air cleaner box, cutting or drilling holes in the box.  No material or tubing may be added.  The use of velocity stacks, ram-air or cowl induction is not permitted

2.    Carburetor must remain stock and unmodified except for the following specifically allowed modifications:

a.      “Grose Jet” carburetor needles and seats may be used in place of stock carburetor needles and seats.  Mazda competition part #0000-06-7311 must be used for this purpose.

b.      Main or secondary fuel jets may be modified or replaced.

c.      Venturies may not be modified in any way.

d.      Linkages of primary and secondary may not be modified in any way.

e.      Choke and emission systems may be removed.

f.       Phenolic spacer may not be modified

g.      No plenum may be used

h.      Air bleeds cannot be modified in any way, these are a no touch item.

3.  Removal of the shutter valve (located in the upper portion of the intake manifold) is permitted.




1.       Any stock style pressure plate and disk may be used provided they mount in the original configuration (multi-disk clutches are prohibited).

2.       If a disk brake rear end is installed in a car which originally came with drum brakes, the brake master cylinder may be modified by removing the brake master cylinder check valve.  No other proportioning or biasing is permitted.

3.       The differential ratio must be 3.9:1 using stock 81-85 Mazda RX-7 factory gears.

4.       No modifications to the stock differential are allowed. 

5.       The stock wheel lug-bolt system may be replaced with wheel-studs and nuts.

6.       Transmission must remain stock.


J.       BRAKES


1.       Any brake fluid and steel braided brake lines may be used.

2.       Front pads may be stock or Hawk Blue

3.       Rear disk brake pads may be stock or Hawk HPS

4.       Rear shoes (on drum brakes) must be stock

5.       Removal of emergency brake components is authorized.

6.        Backing plates and dirt shields may be ventilated or removed.  Air ducts (maximum 3" diameter) may be fitted to the brakes, provided that they extend in a forward direction only.  2 ventilation holes may be cut into the lower valance for the purpose of cooling the brakes.  Each hole is not to exceed 33 sq inches in area (including the stock brake duct ventilation on later cars.)  No material may be added forward or below the air dam.  Brake rotors and drums shall not be modified other than for truing within manufacturer's specifications. 

7.        Stock brake rotors may be replaced with OEM equivalent provided that all dimensions (circumference, thickness, venting) are within 1mm of stock Mazda Specifications. Brake rotors must be iron.



1.       Strut towers may be modified by removing material, slotting or drilling holes, for the purpose of changing camber/caster.  Remainder of strut must remain stock and unmodified.  No car may have than 1.5 degrees of negative camber on either of the front wheels.

2.       All suspension bushings must remain stock and unmodified with the following exception: tension compression rod bushing may be replaced with TMC part # CTB-400-F bushing.  Bushings may be replaced as noted elsewhere in these rules.

3.       Removal of rear rubber spring seat permitted.

4.       Minimum ground clearance must be 4 3/8 measured at the front cross member.

5.       Wheels up to 13 x 7 may be used.



1.       Head lights, reverse lights, parking lights, side markers, turn signals, buzzers and any other optional equipment does not need to be operational.

2.       Electric wires that are not functional may be removed.

3.       Kill switch may be used.

4.       Ignition coils may be replaced with non-standard parts provided they mount in factory locations using factory mounting bracket.

5.       Any spark plugs, ignition wires, distributor cap, or distributor rotor may be used in their factory configuration.


M.    “NO TOUCH” RULE ¾ The following items may not be modified, detailed or massaged in ANY way:

1.       Engine (intake and exhaust ports or any moving parts).

2.       Intake and exhaust manifold.

3.       Flywheel (except resurfacing).

4.       Drive pulleys.

5.       Distributor.

6.       Transmission.

7.        Rear axle.



1.       Updating and backdating is permitted with factory parts from 81-85 RX7 S, GS and GSL models (12A models only).

2.       No GSL-SE parts  or parts from 1979 or 1980 models may be used


O.     OTHER

1.       Removal of the oil metering rod is permitted.

2.       The mixing of 2-cycle motor oil with pump gasoline is permitted. No other additives are allowed in the fuel.

3.       Gasoline must meet the GCR requirements for cars with rotary engines.