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Friday, May 25, 2018
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 TWS with NASA-TX April 24/25
 4/28/2010 7:21:54 PM
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TWS with NASA-TX April 24/25
 (United States)

Group F Race 1 from my car:

Qualified with a 2:06.030 which was also my best lap of the weekend.  Race 1 was a little dodgy but managed 2nd.  Race 2 I was 3rd behind both SRX7s, and Race 3 I pulled off right after the start due to a vibration that felt like a loose wheel (still need to track that one down, wheels were all tight :-/ ) but was still 1st (of 1...).  Theoretical best laps have me about 3/4ths of a second faster, so I guess I need to work on myself as a driver some more.

The enduro was, uhh, interesting as well.  With about 1:30 left I blew up a Hoosier at about 75mph in Turn 6, limped around at ~20mph until the center of the carcass came loose which let me go ~45mph - stability limited.  Didn't hurt the wheel but did a number on the rear bumper, exhaust, side scoop, and paint from the center of the door on back.  Slapped a new wheel & tire on that corner and continued on another half hour when the LF balljoint decided to become two pieces right in the middle of T5 which put me out of the race.  That sucked, I was good to go as a driver, the car was good on fuel, and we were 3rd in class with a chance to strike for 2nd should the two cars ahead in class hit any issues.  Toyota reliability what?!?

Thankfully was able to track down parts, duct tape, and a bit of wire & clamps for the exhaust from Tony & Matt and got back going for the sprints on Sunday.

I've already got some of the bodywork stuff I need to get the car back together, and I've got some more mechanical stuff to do but I'll be back ready to go at Hallett.  Hope to see some of you guys there :-)

Ken Brewer 1994 Toyota MR2 - #6 PTF
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