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Friday, May 25, 2018
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 ECR Race Weekend
 3/24/2009 10:25:02 PM
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ECR Race Weekend
 (United States)

Outside of the people that were MIA due to 1) a "Model Convention"  and 2) a hall pass that was granted, but not used, we had four show up for the SCCA race.  They still pay out Toyo bucks and based on Travis' results, we might all want to go the R888s as soon as possible.  Payouts are much better with 5 or more starters.

It was more mixed up than usual in the races since this was the first time at the track for most of the other cars in our group.  In Saturday's qualifying, Jeff led our group with a 2:13:6, only just over 4 seconds slower than the pole and within 2 seconds of the other 5 ahead of him.  During the race, Jeff made it easy for me by spinning relatively early, Travis started at the back due to some mechanical issues (no qualifying time) and Ted had an alternator that ate his belt during the race so he had to pull off.  So, in the end, I was able to take the inaugural SCCA SRX7 at ECR.  Great trivial pursuit question....  Order was Mark, Jeff, Travis, Ted.

Sunday race also started with us all being seperated by other cars, so we were lined up behind each other.  Again Jeff led us with a 2:13:2, less than 2 seconds off of the overall pole and only 4 cars ahead of him.  Things got ugly quickly as a Corvette decided to just about stop in turn 3 on the first lap.  No contact, but Jeff got pinned behind him, Travis went outside of me and I followed him around, but had a car between us.  The ITA car had been quicker than us the day before, so I tried to draft with him and work on catching Travis, but he kept the gap up.  In the end, Travis, Mark, Jeff, and Ted.  To be fair to Ted, his mechanical issues were resolved just before the race, so he started at the back and worked his way up through the crowds.

Overall, track was a lot of fun and made us all think more as we were in a pack of very different cars.  Need more people (expecially the ones mentioned above, others that used to race with us, and the sissy's that won't drive up from Houston) to make the races more fun.....  Who's in for TWS?

 3/24/2009 11:36:59 PM
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Re: ECR Race Weekend
 (United States)

Thanks to Mark for getting the write ups started.  It was overall a very fun weekend with great weather!  I really like the ECR track! 

So, the highlights and lowlights are as follows:

Sat qualify:  Good for me, qualified 1st in SRX7 and Mark next.  Travis and Ted had mechanical issues.

Sat Race:  Fun start, racing back and forth with Mark.  Travis had to start in the back and got caught in traffic.  I spun and Mark had a nice lead by the 5th lap or so.  He and I both relaxed our pace a bit with him in 1st and me in 2nd. By the 13th lap Travis was gaining on me and the race could not end soon enough!  I don't know Travis' fastest lap in that race, but it was a 2:12:xx and I beleive it is a new SRX7 ECR record.  So, after the race we get run through tech.  Then the fun begins.  The long and short is that I weighed 2367 and the SCCA officials are convinced that our minimum weight is 2380, even though we all had 2330 posted on our cars and all agreed it was 2330.  More on that later.

Sun qualify:  I strapped a spare tire to my roll cage to add weight and followed Mark for another fast lap.  Ted is still fighting an alternator and water pump.

Sun race:  Overall a very fun race.  As mentioned, a corvette drag races at the start past all us low horsepower cars.  He makes a few decent laps and then proceeds to park and block as the world goes by.  Good times.  I duck in behind Mark and Travis and continue trading spots with them and a couple of Miatas.  About midway through one of the miatas taps me on the back corner in turn 2 and I spin.  I lost several seconds and that pretty much sealed the deal.  Luckily Ted had his car back together and was able to finish the race.  Here is the video-  http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/8uDJBwvvzdLnIeAk9TjOJA?authkey=Gv1sRgCNWvhqWN5NbBqQE&feat=directlink

So, as for the SCCA issue, Chris Taylor found some record of where the rules were presented in 2007 .  I have emailed Tom Brown (SW DIV Executive Steward).  I explained what happened, cited where and when the rules were proposed and approved by SCCA and he is looking into it.  I will let you guys know as soon as we get a final answer.  Certainly it will be before the next SCCA race on our schedule. 

I hope to see more of you guys at TWS!



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