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Saturday, June 23, 2018
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 Official 2014 SRX7 schedule
 11/22/2013 12:31:56 PM
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Official 2014 SRX7 schedule

Hope to see more of out this year.  If you have only been racing SCCA, come to some NASA events and same if you have only been doing SCCA.. Both organizations recognize your license.  Lets get more joint participation this year! 

Note: NASA now has a dual Championship so its easier for the people that have long tows.. This year the cloesest is Road Atlanta.  Hope to see some of us there!


January -  25&26 - MSRC    SCCA

February -  15&16 - Barber - NASA non points

March -  8&9 - MSRC NASA

April-  26&27 - TWS NASA

May - 24&25 - TWS SCCA

June - 21&22 - Hallett NASA

August - 23 & 24 MSRH 
August - 29-31 - Road ATL - NASA Championship

Oct-  11&12 - TWS NASA

Nov 1&2 - TWS SCCA

 11/25/2013 9:15:29 AM
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Re: Official 2014 SRX7 schedule
 (United States)

fingers crossed that some of you guys decide to do Nationals at Road Atlanta.  I've got it on my schedule and know of a few other PTF cars already slated to go so if you guys will go we could have a pretty decent field and some good contingency prize stuff avail with the class being of big enough size to start qualifying for good stuff.

Another bonus of going that event:



You'll only need 5 NASA race starts to qualify for Nationals.  And you could use two TT sessions from different days towards that 5, so theoretically you could qualify in a single NASA weekend if you wanted (3 races + 2 TT days = 5).

Ken Brewer 1994 Toyota MR2 - #6 PTF
 11/25/2013 12:13:36 PM
Chris Taylor
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Re: Official 2014 SRX7 schedule
 (United States)
If anybody wants to go to RA and wants to arrive and drive I'd be happy to carry a trailer load of cars and spares. 2 is the minimum, 6 is the maximum. $.75/mile is the starting price, if I was to actually take 6 cars we could do $.50/mile, and I'm cheap crew!

I'll be seeing ya'll more this year, new customer's car should be done by Christmas and he'll want to run as much as he can this year, probably SCCA and NASA.
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